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Can I Afford Renter's Insurance?

How much is renters insurance?

College students who are able to break away from the dorms must concern themselves with finding an apartment located close to campus without breaking their budget. Between rental payments, student loans, books, fees, and tuition, the last thing many students want is another bill to pay. Renters insurance is one bill which will save money in the future.


What will renters insurance cost?

"I can't afford renters insurance." Many college students make this claim citing that their tuition payments and student loans as reasons that they cannot afford to get their own renters insurance policy for their apartment, but their parents' homeowners insurance and that of their landlords will not pay to replace any of their possessions which might be lost or damaged. Should their computer or television be stolen from their apartment, without renters insurance, replacing it will be solely up to the student. If they were covered, the insurance company would pay for part or all of the price to replace the items. The renters insurance cost should not be a barrier to seeking coverage.


How can I find cheap renters insurance?

College students and recent graduates both have the same problem of tight budgets due to student loan and tuition payments. There are ways to cut costs in the budget while still getting everything needed to keep valuables and property safe and protected. Renters insurance is a way for a renter to get paid for valuables lost or damaged. Apartment renters face theft and fire on a regular basis.  Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Characteristics found that renters were more likely than homeowners to have a crime  happen around their property, having cheap renters insurance can help a college student to recover from a loss much faster should one occur.