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How to Buy Renter's Insurance

Getting the best renters insurance for college

Most college students spend their first year in the school's dormitory, but as soon as they have the means, they seek out their own apartment, either alone or with a roommate. This rite of passage comes not only with the troubles of finding an apartment in a safe area with a low rent, but there are other considerations the college student must make with his first apartment. Perhaps one of the most important, if not most overlooked is getting the best renters insurance within a tight student budget.


Using renters insurance quotes to get the best price

According to the Bureau of Justice Crime Characteristics renters had more crime both on their property and from their cars than homeowners. Renters insurance can cover theft from both inside the car and inside the home. Renters need their own insurance policy because their landlord's insurance will not cover the renter's personal items, but less than 40% of renters have their own coverage. For the remaining 2/3 of uninsured renters, the market for renters insurance is open and available. Just as with other forms of insurance, there are hundreds of agents willing to sell policies, but how can a renter find the best deal for his budget and coverage needs?


Renters insurance online for college students and other new renters

Homeowners insurance will not cover the costs to replace the renter's possessions should they be destroyed. The renter will need his own policy, but a majority of renters do not have their own coverage. The good news for college students is that there are often separate policies available for them which can be purchased on a school term basis rather than annually. Many college student renters either think that it is too expensive or they do not believe that they will ever need it. The question of needing renters insurance is not a matter of if but when. Even in safe areas, crime and natural disasters can still happen. Even a frozen pipe that floods the house can occur in the best built homes and apartments. Renters insurance can cover the cost to repair or replace damaged items from such events. It is possible to find and purchase renters insurance online, but buyer beware when shopping on the Internet, even for insurance.