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Renters insurance online for college students and other new renters

Homeowners insurance will not cover the costs to replace the renter's possessions should they be destroyed. The renter will need his own policy, but a majority of renters do not have their own coverage. The good news for college students is that there are often separate policies available for them which can be purchased on a school term basis rather than annually. Many college student renters either think that it is too expensive or they do not believe that they will ever need it. The question of needing renters insurance is not a matter of if but when. Even in safe areas, crime and natural disasters can still happen. Even a frozen pipe that floods the house can occur in the best built homes and apartments. Renters insurance can cover the cost to repair or replace damaged items from such events. It is possible to find and purchase renters insurance online, but buyer beware when shopping on the Internet, even for insurance.

College students should be aware when looking for renters insurance online that purchasing insurance from the Internet is not valid in many states, but all states will allow the student to obtain online quotes. These quotes can be used to compare policies to find the best price. Many in college already know to shop around for the cheapest price on used textbooks, often shopping at used Internet book sellers. Why would they not want to do the same by comparing prices for renters insurance online. This is also a good way to compare the coverage across several different policies.

If purchasing renters insurance online, the student should stick with those sites which are also well known, established names in the insurance industry with their own real world offices. Businesses with only an Internet address, but no physical address might not be legitimate. Another way to play it safe is to use the Internet to get quotes and contact information for local insurance agents. A student should choose an agent located near the college rather than in his hometown. If a claim needs to be made, it will be done from the location of the college student's apartment. Once with the agent, the student should show him the quotes gotten for renters insurance and ask if the agent can make a better deal. By making some adjustments to the coverage level, deductible, and adding automobile or other coverage could all reduce the overall cost for the renters insurance.

There are ways to save money when shopping for renters insurance online. Comparing quotes is just the first. Consumer Reports also recommends regularly examining the policy, raising the deductible, paying on time, and regularly comparing quotes. This might require that the college student get renters insurance online quotes every term or school year, but rates can vary widely from year to year, and this could save up to 30%.

College students can find quotes for renters insurance online for their apartments, but to buy it, they will be best served talking face to face with an agent in an office rather than purchasing their policy from the Internet.